Monday, August 20, 2012

Sweetwater Pirates!

So this year to celebrate mom and dad's birthday we had a combined birthday party up at the lake. We kept it a surprise until the day of and then busted out our decorations and lunch. Then we took everyone on a pirate adventure around the resort that I made up.  Aaron makes the best pirate of us all. He helped me and Jessica decorate the condo and cook our meal. He was a great sport. Our cute cousins of ours came and helped us eat our treats from the condo downstairs! They were so excited about pirates and treats! We loved it!

The kids loved all the candy
Aaron the one true pirate.

Mom Standing next to our Map for Sweetwater Island (Mostly the resort)

Dinner setting with fish net handing from the light fixture.

Pineapple -YUM!
We got french dip meat from Horlachers and their yummy buns!

 Jessica helped me homemake our sail. Thanks to Dallin and Bonnie I found some sticks and tied them together with Jute, hung an old sheet from Grandma Weston's, bought  some candy cane striped material from hobby lobby, hung a bandana for the flag and Jessica's 'Ahoy mateys' sign was the perfect final touch.

Pirate Flag

 for the fun toothpicks. 

Kids loved pirates!


Gummy Sharks
Tootsie Pops

Gold Fish and chips. 

Our Chefs
Ships and Dip! Probably my favorite by far

 Just FYI Oranges don't float in Blue Hawaiin Punch. Maybe something saltier next time. We just had to wedge them in the glass.
We placed jewels and coins around the table as well as placed more fish net above the black table cloth.

Aaron & Jessica working on the cupcake map

Jamie Came!
Oranges floating on the sea

Jessica is so talented!
My creative contribution--the MAP

"Somebody drank my blue"-Hayden
Nice treasure chest. It's the tiny details Aaron

 Jessica's Pirate map turned out perfect!

X marks the spot!
Awesome pine trees made of fat pretzels and Sour patch gummy flats! 

Aaron & Jacque

Jessica & Jacque
The Men in the family. They are few and outnumbered and powerless really. So my dad just wears the beads and eats the food and doesn't say much other than " That's cool. Aaron just smiles and does what he is told. 

Another piece of my  artwork. 

Pirate Teeth...gross- White cheddar popcorn.

The whole crew!
Don't kill me!

We had so much fun taking pirate pictures,eating lunch together, playing pirate monopoly and rollin' bones!