Thursday, June 6, 2013

What I wish we were doing instead of studying...

Last summer Aaron didn't take classes and we could do all the things I love to do. Like take hike's in the mountains. It was also our first summer of marriage which was hard and amazing and we will never get it back: Things will never be the same, they will be BETTER I am sure. But I live today for the nostalgic yesterday. It is why I love pictures and videos so much. You will note I need some better equipment and skills.  I made this movie while my husband wrote 36 statistics problems. Who is more talented? I understand it will probably always be him and I can live with that. Here is to good times:

Don't watch this if you hate love or affection or jumpiness or shakiness or freedom in general.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jamie's Fashion Show

Jamie is one of  my favorite people in this world. I relate to her in many ways. She is so talented at loving and giving to people. She knows how to work hard and she knows how to laugh hard and enjoy life. She is good at making things look absolutely beautiful and stunning--make-up, hair, clothes, bedrooms, and ice cream cones, school papers, snicker doodles-- and that is why people love to be around her. I assume she got most all of her traits from me. She is after all my blood sister. I sometimes think I was her example and that she patterned after me (as she is six years younger than I). But she has always been able to give me advice and help me see the world in new ways. She was, when we were little, the sister I could squeeze and hold, the sister who would crash my room during the day when I was at school and chew all my Bubblicious while hiding out in my barbie house. The sister with unlimited energy and a great need for hugs and love.  She is now in college and we quote movies together and laugh for hours. We can talk about anything and though she thinks I am weird she still hangs out with me. She is now going through some of the same experiences I had once. It wasn't long ago that I was single, going to college, working, trying to find the right friends, leaning on family to be my support and keep me close, trying to understand the gospel and what it meant to me and those I loved. Trying to understand the atonement of Christ and God's will for me. With a single mindset. Not knowing if I would find the right man, the man I wanted, the man God wanted and the time He wanted me to have it. Oh they were uncertain times: times of nostalgia I wish I could go back to at moments, and then moments I wish to never return back to again--as it is with all experiences in life. I absolutely marvel at Jamie's great strength and her ingenuity. She is balancing it all so well. She is doing phenomenal in school and she loves it! She participated in the Re: Tell Fashion Show for one of her classes and designed this great dress out of some cool stuff. It is great to see her experiencing so many new things and learning so much. She is becoming though and through a refined woman, who I look up to!

Yes she is beautiful, and a fantastic model. 

Category: Mystery. 

The ruffles are awesome. 


Her Masquerade Mask.

I call this the Coffee Filter Tower. Not sure what Jamie calls it. 

I thought I would make sure we got a picture with Jamie so we would look cool too.  And to prove we look a lot a like, because she is pretty.