Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mi Mama

I am so glad I was born to this woman. She is amazing. She has helped me grow so much from the little girl I used to be. I find myself wanting to go back there all the time. To the world where she protected and played with me--helped me think of grand ideas and enjoy so much of life. I have also watched her change and become an amazing woman with so many skills and talents. My mom would paint large oil paintings when we were young. Detailed and beautiful. I think it is where I learned to love the great scenery the world has to offer. They hang all around my grandma's house. She taught me how to use a sewing machine, to cook and clean, to play hard and work hard, she identified my true love in teaching, and taught me that the greatest joy I would ever experience would come when I too am a mother. She has a beautiful home and garden we all love to be in. She is the best listener. She has overcome health obstacles by exercising and taking care of herself! She has started her own website full of ideas and her great talents. I know she values what is most important in life, her creativity makes everything so fun for our family!

                                                       Here is the link to her website: Click on the link not the pic

These are some pictures of the mother's day dinner she put on .
Of course there was a theme: Gardening.
 Our silverware was in garden gloves,
cupcakes looked like dirt in a pot,
we ate greens tossed with fruit and a full 5-course meal.

Look for her pictures and posts on her website. 

My contribution was the desert in shot glasses.
I like shot glasses and I like things that are Mini,
mostly because of our friend Hayden's passion for mini things.
Orange chocolate shavings,
 on top of Peanut butter Mousse,
 on top of brownies,
on top of more mousse,
on top of egg-less cookie dough,
on top of whipped cream cheese frosting,
on top of carmel,
 on top of more crumbled BROWNIE.
 It is like every Pinterest recipe in one. All in a shot glass. 

We love our MOM!

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