Thursday, June 6, 2013

What I wish we were doing instead of studying...

Last summer Aaron didn't take classes and we could do all the things I love to do. Like take hike's in the mountains. It was also our first summer of marriage which was hard and amazing and we will never get it back: Things will never be the same, they will be BETTER I am sure. But I live today for the nostalgic yesterday. It is why I love pictures and videos so much. You will note I need some better equipment and skills.  I made this movie while my husband wrote 36 statistics problems. Who is more talented? I understand it will probably always be him and I can live with that. Here is to good times:

Don't watch this if you hate love or affection or jumpiness or shakiness or freedom in general.

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  1. please blog more, you have something to blog about YOU KNOW!